What an unfortunate week!

I'm so damn low today. I cant sleep. I was hoping that everything will be fine after me and my friends were attacked by some hoodlums at Old Balara near Bellevue Condominiums in Quezon City. We reported immediately to the Barangay police before the Police Station. After some time the "tanods" only patrolled the crime scene. They can't be found after interrogating us for so long and asking us for the details again and again. They just got some tips from the crime area. So for you people out there specially UP students, beware of that part of Balara and Tandang Sora. 

That was the day before. Again today another misfortune happen. I missed my flight after being late by 20 minutes. It's a lot, I know. It's still my fault. I went to Antipolo to accompany my girlfriend to a Physics Congress. Sad to say that I didn't plan everything for this day. I booked this flight way months ago and just go to waste. I again missed the chance for a Cebu Pacific promo fare and a one hour flight to Naga. Now, I will be experiencing for an 8-9 hours bus ride.

I won't forget this week of October.

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